« Fit-For-Market » (FFM) & « Fit-For-Market SPS” (FFM SPS) programmes

Title of facility or programme:
Fit For Market: Strengthening competitiveness and sustainability of the ACP horticultural sector (FFM) with a complementary intervention Strengthening sanitary and phytosanitary systems of the ACP horticultural sector (FFM SPS)

Program description:
COLEACP is the unique EU-ACP inter-professional association bringing together the ACP horticultural exporters/producers, EU horticultural importers and services providers in the field of SPS and market requirements issues.

COLEACP mission is to develop inclusive, sustainable trade in fruit & vegetables
and food products, focusing on the ACP countries’ trade with one another and
with the European Union.

Fit For Market was designed for a period of 5 years, based on the experiences and positive results of the PIP and EDES programmes, in line with the new requirements from the fruit and vegetable industry in the area of sustainability and sanitary and phytosanitary regulations.

As key players in the agricultural value chain, companies engaged in the FFM programme contribute directly to the following Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs):
fight against poverty – fight against hunger, food security and sustainable agriculture
– sustainable water management – inclusive and sustainable growth, employment
and decent work – gender equality – land degradation and – climate action.

The overall objective of the FFM programmes is to reduce poverty, improve food security and food safety and ensure sustainable and inclusive growth by strengthening the agri-food export sector in ACP countries.

The specific objective is to enable smallholders, farmers’ organisations and MSMEs access to international and domestic horticultural markets, by complying with SPS issues and market requirements, in a sustainable framework.

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