The Joint ACP-EU Private Sector Development Platform presents…

With a view to promoting sustainable development in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), together with the European Union adopted in 2014 a Joint Private Sector Development Strategy which seeks to encourage the development of a more competitive and responsible business sector and articulated around the following themes: 

  • Improving business environment
  • Increase access to finance for MSMEs
  • Supporting knowledge dissemination
  • Supporting agricultural value chains
  • Digital financial inclusion
  • Informal economy
  • Supporting women/youth economic empowerment
  • Mineral clusters 

Read the 2022-2023 Monitoring Report

Lire le Rapport 2022-2023 de Monitoring

Lire le Rapport 2021 de Monitoring

Fit For Market Plus

FFM+ support is tailored to facilitate the transition of ACP horticulture towards more sustainable food systems, addressing the priority areas identified in the Farm to Fork strategy of the European Green Deal.

FFM+ has been designed and will be set up in the continuity of FFM programmes and the results of the COLEACP COVID action plan set up from March 2020. This 5-year, €25 million programme is financed by the European Union and the OACPS.

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ACP Business-friendly

The objective of ACP Business-friendly is to support business-friendly and inclusive national and regional policies and to strengthen productive capacities and value chains in ACP countries. It is designed to achieve two key outcomes of:

  • Adopting and implementing business-friendly, inclusive and responsible national policies and legal frameworks
  • Strengthening productive, processing, promoting and marketing capabilities and value chains.


The overall objective of the programme is to increase income and to improve livelihood, food and nutrition security and safety of organised smallholder and family farmers in ACP countries.


The second phase of the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme helps Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Enterprises (ASMEs) engaged in Development Minerals value chains to improve livelihoods, generate higher employment and incomes. In particular, the programme aims to increase economic opportunities for women participating in ASMEs throughout the Development Minerals value chains.

Discover more information about The Development Minerals Program here.

ICR Facility (Investment Climate Reform Facility)

The ICR Facility focuses on supporting ACP partner countries, i.e. private and public stakeholders and regional institutions, to improve their investment climate and business environment by facilitating public-private dialogue, among other actions.

Discover more information about ICR Facility here.

Boost Africa

Boost Africa offers blended finance and focuses on supporting entrepreneurially-driven, early stage, and start-up SMEs on the African continent. Boost Africa targets innovative investments in any sector, with special focus on those that have a high potential for economic impact.

Discover more information about Boost Africa here.

EURIZ guarantee

EURIZ guarantee helps to increase credit accessibility for MSMEs, by engaging in cooperation initiatives with a wide variety of financial institutions. EURIZ covers agricultural and agri-business, health, education, digital, and microfinancing companies owned by women or young people, who are facing increased difficulties in accessing finance.

ABC Fund

The ABC Fund is a blended-finance impact fund, which provides catalytic financing to underserved yet profitable segments of agribusiness value chains in developing countries. The ABC Fund deploys loans and equity investments in farmer organisations, rural SMEs, and financial institutions.

Discover more information about ABC Fund here or via this YouTube video.


AgriFI, the EU Agriculture Financing Initiative, is an impact investment facility funded by the European Union, with a mandate to unlock, accelerate and leverage investments with a value chain approach in developing countries, focusing on smallholder’s inclusiveness and/or agri-business medium, small and micro enterprises (MSME).

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Women Entrepreneurship for Africa

WE4A aims to improve the business capacity of women-led enterprises to increase their chances of raising follow-on funding from private sector investors. Both the Initial acceleration and follow-on growth programmes aim to assist women entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa to flourish and contribute to employment creation in their communities through enhanced business capacities, access to formal financial services, and integration into local/regional value chains.

Digital Finance for Resilience in the ACP Countries

The programme aims at deploying digital finance solutions at the scale and speed necessary to deepen financial inclusion, and accelerate economic recovery from COVID-19, in order to make economies and societies more resilient to external shocks.

Supporting Informal Enterprises Transition towards Sustainable Growth and Formalization in the ACP Countries

The programme aims to unlock the potential of informal economy for inclusive growth with interventions at macro, meso and micro levels. At the macro level, it will develop and support implementation of favorable regulatory conditions and relevant incentives for businesses to formalize. At the meso level, support the establishment of a collective action platform in a specific informal economy sub-sector in the target countries.

Business Support Facility For Resilient Agricultural Value Chains

The programme aims to develop and enhance the capacities of actors along ACP agriculture value chains to attract finance and investment, in particular towards low-emissions and climate resilient practices and value chains.