PSD Knowledge base

One of the key mandates of the ACP Private Sector Development Platform is to identify, capture, package, and share/disseminate PSD-related knowledge with ACP-EU private sector stakeholders.

Its objectives include the following :

Provide methodologies/models, concepts, and references for replication, demonstration, emulation, and adoption
Enhance and facilitate lesson-sharing and the application or replication of concepts
Transfer relevant technology, know-how, methodology, processes, and knowledge
Share statistical data, as well as a database of PSD practitioners

This section intends to capitalise on the knowledge developed by Private Sector Development (PSD) initiatives in OACPS countries. It is a collection of information and documentation that facilitate users to acquire materials and learn on a specific subject, project or programme. In this page, users can find:

  • Knowledge Collections:
    • Information, practices and activities generated by the PSD Intra-ACP programmes.
    • Relevant PSD knowledge on specific subjects such as Gender, Agri-Business, Business Digitalisation, Green and Blue Economy, Orange Economy.

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