The OACPS Research and Innovation Policy Support Facility is launched!

The Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) Secretariat is glad to announce the launch of the ‘Policy Support Facility’ (PSF), an innovative mechanism to boost research and innovation (R&I) in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Innovation relies not only on appropriate R&I funding and skills, but also on putting in place the right policy framework conditions. R&I investments are much more impactful if accompanied by reforms that increase the quality and efficiency of R&I systems and policies.

As a key component of the new OACPS Research and Innovation Programme, the Policy Support Facility contributes to creating a more inclusive and efficient R&I environment for sustainable development in the Member States of the OACPS.

The PSF provides national or regional public authorities from ACP countries (in charge of R&I and higher education) with services delivering practical support to:

·       improve the design and implementation of evidence-based R&I policies and strategies;

·       develop national R&I capacities needed to make the transition to self-sustaining knowledge-led economies;

·       foster collaboration opportunities between R&I institutions, businesses, academia and civil society organisations to unleash their innovation potential.