ACP Diaspora: Platform for diaspora engagement in the world

Through the Platform, the considerable potential of the diaspora in terms of capital, knowledge and networks will be further leveraged through the diversification of strategic partnerships, as well as the establishment of appropriate policies and targeted programs. To this end, the Platform will provide member states with targeted technical assistance that will enable them to deepen their diaspora engagement in a productive and sustainable manner.

The Platform will be operational in the following areas:

  • Organising and promoting regional, interregional and international consultations on diaspora engagement policies and practices
  • The presentation and inventory of best practices in learning policies and programs in all countries  
  • The development of South-South and Triangular cooperation programs for the promotion of peer-to-peer learning
  • Facilitating regular consultations with Diaspora communities around the world in the economic, social and cultural fields

Contact and info:     

Aya Kasasa (Ms)

OACPS Secretariat

Political Affairs and Human Development Department