Unlocking OACPS potential: navigating the Green and Digital transitions with Critical Raw Materials

The OACPS Mining Ministers meeting is taking place in Yaoundé, Cameroon, on 23 and 24 May 2024 parallel to the fourth edition of the Cameroon International Mining & Exhibition Convention (CIMEC).

This important event will aim to consider and possibly adopt the draft OACPS position paper on Critical Raw Materials (CRM), which is expected to constitute a multi-disciplinary approach aimed at ensuring that the secular global demand for critical raw materials does not perpetuate the long reign of commodity dependence – 45 of 53 African countries are currently categorized as commodity-dependent.

Moreover, the Mining Ministers meeting will host High-Level Exchange segments with distinguished guests, focusing on how to position OACPS within the realms of the green and digital transitions and leverage its wealth of critical raw materials. Additionally, the meeting will foster knowledge sharing and collaboration among delegates by providing an opportunity to share insights and experiences related to OACPS-EU Strategic Partnerships on Critical Raw Materials.

The meeting will also facilitate an exchange with Financing Institutions during the session on “Development Finance and Investment in Critical Raw Materials,” aiming to explore avenues for financial support and investment in critical raw material projects in OACPS countries and regions.

African, Caribbean and Pacific are rich in key critical raw materials required to drive the global green and digital transitions. It is imperative that the OACPS harness this mineral wealth to advance value addition, beneficiation and industrialization. Only through implementation of a coherent and complementary set of policies and support interventions will promote sustainable economic development in our countries” says Junior Lodge, Assistant Secretary General of the OACPS.