Since 2017, The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed June 27 as Micro and Small and Medium-Sized Business (MSME) Day to raise public awareness of their importance in achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs). On Monday 27 June 2022, the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific (OACPS), in close consultation with the European Commission (EC), will be hosting a webinar bringing together representatives of the private sector, public bodies, donor community, technical and financial partners who will share experiences and best practices with regard to Public Private Dialogue and Partnerships.


H.E. Mr. Iván OGANDO LORA Ambassador of the Dominican Republic Chairperson of the OACPS Subcommittee on Investment and Private Sector

On 20 April 2022, the President of the OACPS Business Forum made a presentation before your subcommittee. How do you envisage the interaction/dialogue between the OACPS and the members of the Business Forum? And more globally, how would you describe an effective public-private dialogue?

Affordable financing is one of the main challenges faced by OACPS MSMEs. Can you elaborate on this, focusing for example on the instruments/mechanisms such as blended finance that have been put in place under the OACPS-EU cooperation Framework?