The European Development Fund (EDF) resources allocated to ACP private sector development can be implemented by entities other than the European Commission itself. These entities, called “implementing partners,” can be beneficiary countries, international organisations, or national bodies from other donor countries.

ACP-EU PSD knowledge management technical support function – PSD light structure

Provide technical and administrative support to the joint PSD Platform[…]
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EURIZ guarantee programme

EURIZ is the guarantee facility created by AFD and SIDA with the[…]
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African Guarantee Fund for SMEs LTD “AGF”

AGF works with financial institutions with experience of working with SMEs, offering guarantees for[…]
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Agri-Business Capital Fund (ABC Fund)

The ABC Fund, a blended capital impact investment vehicle, initiated by IFAD and anchored by the[…]
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The ACP Investment Facility

The Investment Facility (IF), established in 2003 and funded by[…]
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Cultural and creative industries financing initiative CreatiFI

The Cultural and Creative Industries Financing Initiative (CreatiFI) aims at supporting[…]
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Farmer’s organizations for ACP (FO4ACP)

The overall objective is to increase income and to improve livelihood, food and nutrition security and safety of the ACP[…]

« Fit-For-Market » (FFM) & « Fit-For-Market SPS” (FFM SPS) programmes

Title of facility or programme: Fit For Market: Strengthening competitiveness and sustainability of the ACP horticultural sector (FFM) with a[…]

Boost Africa PROGRAMME

Boost Africa is a blended finance and multi-partner initiative focused on supporting entrepreneurially-driven early stage and start-up SMEs on the[…]