OECS TRADE EXPO: Converge, Connect, Collaborate

From 15 to 17 May 2023, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States will host a virtual Trade Exposition under the overarching theme: “Converge, Connect and Collaborate”.

The main objectives of the event are to establish an OECS Export Promotion Trade Event, showcase authentic products and services offered by OECS companies with the ultimate goal of securing contracts, enhance the visibility and showcase results of a trade enhancement collaboration, identify existing and/or emerging market opportunities towards increasing exports and joint trade initiatives among OECS Member States and regional/international markets, and serve as an avenue to host seminars and round table discussions delivered by experts in targeted industries.

The targeted audience is MSMEs within the region that need a reliable platform to promote and market their products and services, and to exploit opportunities to connect with buyers/importers, whether they are export-ready or start-up companies. The event seeks to afford OECS MSMEs the opportunity to construct creative virtual showcases to promote and market their products and services.

The main features of the exposition include virtual booths showcasing OECS MSMES products and services, product launches, demonstrations, pitches, fashion & music showcases, fire-side chats delivered by industry experts, round table sessions, arts & craft exhibitions, and B2B engagements.

Register and Visit “the Wave”, the Virtual Platform hosting the OECS Trade Expo: https://www.oecstradeexpo.com/

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